A Joyful Celebrant

“The more you praise and celebrate your life, the more there is in life to celebrate.” —Oprah Winfrey

How true that is! And how easy it is to find joy and reasons to celebrate. But why should you? Why celebrate at all? Well, the easy answer is because you are a human being. Celebrations held with others give us a sense of belonging, a huge foundation rock for feeling truly happy and loved. When you celebrate life’s moments, you are stoking the fires of gratitude and that leads to all sorts of feeling of well-being, joy, and general good health too!

People used to tell me that I would get distracted by trees! It just made me laugh, but it was true. When out on a countryside walk (or a passenger in a car), I often audibly catch my breath when I see a particularly gorgeous tree, or how the clouds contrast with the amazing blue of the sky. It’s my personal celebration of the blessings in life. I bet you do the same thing too: standing aghast at the beauty around you. Sometimes it just hits you like that!

This is why being a Celebrant is not so much what I do, but who I am. I celebrate.

You’ve been to so many ceremonies where the guest (maybe yourself) are looking at their watches, hoping to get this over with so they can get to the real party, putting on somewhat fake smiles at the appropriate times. They’ve seen the exact thing hundreds of times. Sit, stand, sit again, same same same. Any celebrant can show up and waffle on about love. Who cares? Does it mean much to you? Or your guests? That is not what your love deserves. You put a lot of emotional energy into your celebration, and your guests should feel fully present and even excited.

Ceremonies bring people along for a great ride because that is what a celebration is all about, everyone joining in with you and not mentally checking out. One very important part of the ceremony, the thing that will capture your guests, is a great story about you and how you got to where you are. Take the time with your Celebrant to tell them your story and let them craft a bespoke, unforgettable day. Their purpose is to craft a story which engages, might have some humour, and is bound to be unforgettable – all the while told with contagious positive energy. When you bring in meaningful celebratory enhancements like hand-fasting or jumping the broom, you’ll have something truly memorable!

Published by Roberta - Joyful Celebrant

With a nickname like ‘Joyologist’ you know you can’t go wrong! I am positive and full of inclusive energy. Not a ‘show-woman’ but rather a ‘conductor’ who brings everyone along for a beautiful ride. From very large groups (500+ people) to intimate events of just two people, it is a great pleasure for me to guide your celebration.

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