Your Joyful Celebrant: Roberta

With a nickname like ‘Joyologist’ you know you can’t go wrong!

I am positive and full of inclusive energy. Not a ‘show-woman’ but rather a ‘conductor’ who brings everyone along for a beautiful ride.

From very large groups (500+ people) to intimate events of just two people, it is a great pleasure for me to guide your celebration.

I make sure everyone is energized and fully present. Why? Because it is important that your event is about you. You and your loved ones are the stars of the show, and it is my job to let you shine in a way that is comfortable and easy for you.

I believe that no two ceremonies should be alike. Never ever. It is your day and your celebration of a milestone in life. It deserves to be created for you. This is why we will have a few consultations where I gather enough information to craft an evocative and heartwarming story of how you came to this milestone in your life.

If you are looking for an entertaining, friendly and energetic celebrant who can make your event highly memorable, rejoice! You are in the right spot. You will find me enthusiastically saying ‘YES!’ to pretty much any wild ideas for what can be done in your ceremony!

If you too are joyful and looking for an outgoing celebrant, then I would be a good fit.

Irish Institute of Celebrants

Trained by the Irish Institute of Celebrants and a lifelong believer in affirming life transitions through ritual.

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